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Which is Better – Buying a Face Mask or Making One for Yourself?

Which is Better – Buying a Face Mask or Making One for Yourself

Since the unprecedented novel coronavirus is spreading all over the world, everyone is accepting the new normal and taking care of personal hygiene more than ever to stay fully protected from contamination. In such circumstances, face masks have become an integral part of people’s dress code for good. Wearing a face mask could help to prevent yourself and people around you when combined with preventive measures like social distancing and regular hand washing.

There are several ways to cover your face to attain protection against infectious particles, whether with a bought face mask or one you make yourself with a clothing item like scarf or bandana, but each type has its pros and cons. If you’re having a hard time figuring out how you should cover your mouth and nose on your next essential trip out of the home, or whether to buy or make a face mask, here’s a guide to gain a clear understanding.

What Type of Face Mask You Should Be Wearing?

KN95 Respirators

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KN95 respirators are tight-fitting masks that can effectively filter out up to 95% of airborne particles such as bacteria and viruses. It protects the wearer from breathing or fluid droplets that could cause cross-contamination risks. People working in risky environments and areas like oil plants, industrial applications, construction sites, laboratories, and workplaces can buy KN95 face mask to reduce exposure to contagion.

Cloth Masks

The CDC recommends the general public to wear cloth face coverings for everyday use whenever going out in public spaces like grocery stores or pharmacies. Cloth masks can add an extra layer of protection when it is difficult to maintain a physical distance.

You can buy face masks in different fabrics, colors, and prints in a breathable material. Or you could use your old t-shirt, bandana, and scarf to prevent harmful substances like body fluids, bacteria, dust, and pollution. You can make them child-friendly by picking fabric of your child’s favorite color, cartoon character, or anything else.

Buy Face Mask

No matter whether you buy or make a face mask at home out of cloth, you must ensure it should fit snugly, comfortable to wear for a long duration, stay secured with ear loops, promote easy breathability, and can be washed and reused easily.

How to Buy or Make a Face Mask?

You can consider getting a face mask (or making) one for yourself to curb the spread of transmission. Since there is a bit extra demand for masks, we are working tirelessly to maintain a regular stock to create a safer environment. Before going any further, here are some things you should know either you’re buying or making a face mask:

  • Your mask should cover your mouth and nose properly.
  • Water-resistant and tightly woven are the most effective fabrics.
  • Your mask should have an adjustable band to ensure no gaps are left between gear and face.
  • The material should be easily washable and easy to sanitize for reuse.

How to Put On and Take Off a Face Mask?

No matter whether you are buying or making a mask, it is crucial to wear, remove, and dispose of it correctly, otherwise, you could increase the risk of contaminating your hands and spreading the infection further. Here’s how you can get the optimum protection from a mask:

  • Wash your hands before you wear and after removing your mask.
  • Secure it around your nose and mouth. Hold the ear loops while wearing and removing the mask.
  • Remove the mask from behind without touching its front surface.
  • Wash your re-usable mask every time you take it off.
  • Make sure you wear a clean mask each time.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer to buy KN95 mask or any cloth masks, or make one for yourself at home, all you need to care about achieving maximum protection. You should choose protective equipment that doesn’t make you feel vulnerable whenever stepping outside for essentials and work.

Follow Preventive Measures,wear a Face Mask, and Stay Safe!

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